Bhutan, land of thunder dragon lies in the Himalayas in between India and Tibet. It is the Himalayan kingdom country situated east of Nepal. Many Buddhist are habituated here from ancient so it is also known as the Kingdom of ancient Buddhist. Associated with ancient tradition, arts which are isolated for centuries, Bhutan is rich in its unique culture and amazing natural beauties. Before people were not allowed to visit there until 1974 when the government allowed foreigners to visit since then so that they can generate earnings through foreign exchange, popularize their unique Kingdom’s culture, tradition and arts all over the world and utilize they're earning in their socio-economic areas.

Exploring the sites like monasteries, ancient Tibetan style temples, pilgrimage site, feudal forts and knowing their unique festivals makes the visitor feel as if they are traveling into medieval life in past. Bhutan is the only place in the world where Shangri La exists. Bhutan is a small country and people living there follow their tradition. They usually walk through the quiet street, Thimphu’s in their traditional costume. People from middle to old aged will be busy chanting their religious mantra carrying prayer wheel in hands (Om Mani Padme Hum). Old or young, all of them are friendly and respect the visitors. Every corners monastery, old temples, and nonsecular monuments square measure dotted, demonstrating to the importance of Buddhism.

The capital city, Thimpu is the most known and famous city for tourist, Paro, home of country’s museum in the west part, Taktshang also called “Tiger’s Nest” has monastery at cliffside and is the second attraction site for tourist that provides visitors to acknowledge traditional norms and values, their unique culture and lifestyle, ancient fortress, festivals, and unaffected natural sites and environment. Recently, Gross National Happiness has imported a development policy according to Buddhist principle that provides the quality of life that depends on divine and mental comfort of people. Though the royal government approved a method of part development they cannot ignore GDP. Gross National Happiness is pursued as an alternative development philosophy in parallel to GDP.

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Attached Image:  Punakha Dzong