Kathmandu. Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Kumar Bhattarai has appealed to the world community to visit Nepal for a sweet experience for a lifetime. On the inauguration of Nepal Tour Year 1 held at Dashrath Stadium today, Minister Bhattarai said that Nepal is a unique tourist destination in the world and urged the tourists to take in the unique beauty of its natural beauty, cultural heritage and original culture.

“Nepal is a unique creation of nature. Come to Nepal to enjoy the unique natural beauty. Have a sweet experience for a lifetime," he said. "Nepal is the center of the fundamental culture of this planet."
Minister for Tourism Bhattarai said that the country has reached a wide highway of lasting peace, prosperity and stability, spreading all sorts of trouble. He said that the journey would end the economic and social inequalities and develop the national capital and build an equitable society and take the country on the path of socialism.
“Nepal is on the path to lasting peace, stability, prosperity and good governance. It has become a favorable investment environment. Let's say Nepal is a 'Virgin Land' for investment, "the tourism minister said.

He said that the hospitality of Nepalese people is considered to be the best in the world in recognition of the numerous cultures and heritage of the world as well as the 'athithi Devo Bhava'.

Stating that Nepal is also an important tourist destination on the basis of natural beauty, cultural heritage, geographical diversity and religious center, Minister Bhattarai said that the highest summit of the world along with the highest mountain is the major source of adventure tourism activities including mountain climbing, footprints, rock-climbing, and paragliding.

He said that Lumbini, the holy birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the precursor of peace, and the holy place of pilgrimage along with the Pashupatinath Temple, the Aradhdeva of the Hindus, have increased the attraction of religious tourists in Nepal.

Minister Bhattarai said the government had started the country  to celebrate Nepal visit year as a national celebration, with the government moving to the highway of lasting peace, stability and prosperity.
He said the government aims to increase the share of tourism's contribution to overall economic growth, per capita income and gross domestic product (GDP) by increasing tourism revenue and employment.
He said the ministry emphasized on the expansion of tourism infrastructure construction and services, quality of tourism, marketing and branding, development of human rights, development of cultural heritage, study of research and research on tourism in order to meet the declared tourist goals.

He said, "Now we will create a national psychology of tourism, establish new standards in tourism and build a new image of Nepal in the heart of the world community through this campaign."