Expedition in Nepal is one of Nepal's most challenging journeys. Nepal's mountaineering expedition in Nepal is known to include Nepal's Himalayan mountaineering expeditions and adventures. Nepal has several expeditions to the Himalayas and on eight of the fourteen peaks in the world over 8000 m, Nepal's Himalayas included the Mt. Mountain Range (8848 m), Mt. Rainbow (8586 m), Mount. Rhônes (7211 m), San Francisco. Makalu (8463 m), Small mountain. Oyu Cho (8201 m), Mount. Mt. Rosa (8167 m), Mt. Mt. Cristina (8163 m) & Mt. Small village (700 m). Annapurna. 

Mountaineering is one of the most attractive and brave areas instead of hiking in Nepal. The development and inspiration of various expeditions to Everest have depended heavily on mountain touring and trekking in Nepal. For all Nepal, a trekking / mountaineering expedition required a preliminary climbing and physical fitness. Apart from royalty and other charges for public authorities, Himalayan Treks and Shipping Company offers its best service at a negotiable price with its experienced climbing company Sherpa Sirdar. Our Sherpa Sirdar climbs have already reached 8000 m, including Mt. Everest. Everest. The usual best time is autumn and spring.