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Bhutan was legitimately known as the kingdom of Bhutan situated in Eastern Himalayas and is a landlocked country that lies in South Asia. Bhutan dividends land borders with China called Tibet autonomous region in the north side, India, and Tibet in the south and north Bengal and Assam of India by north. Thimbu is the capital city and largest city of Bhutan.

Bhutan official language is known as Dzongkha but Nepali and Sharchop are spoken too. Dzongkha, one of the 53 languages of Tibetan languages family. Bhutan is rich and unique for its cultural heritage. The main attraction for tourists would be their traditions and culture. Most of the Bhutanese people follow Buddhism as their official religion. Hinduism is practiced as their second dominant religion. Bhutan is referred to as “the last Shangri-La” because of its untouched natural environment.

Bhutanese people are free to travel abroad. While for foreigners, Bhutan is unapproachable due to its higher cost for staying up there. Citizens of the country like India, Bangladesh and Maldives are free to travel. Foreigners should pay $250 dollar per day to stay in Bhutan. In 2010, Bhutan becomes the first nation to declared ban for smoking, violators are fined to pay $232 equivalent to two months’ salary of Bhutanese people.