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Also called as the Republic Of India is country that lies in South Asia.  It is the seventh largest country, second most populated country i.e. 1.2 billion people and the most populated democracy in the world.New Delhi is the capital city of India, but Mumbai is the largest city in India. India dividends land borders with Nepal, Bhutan, and China to the northeast side where Myanmar and Bangladesh to the east and west to Pakistan.India has many officials language but none of this language is the national language.

India is rich in diverse sceneries and cultural groups with great food and rich heritage. India offers a variety of cultural experience for any tourist who wants to visit India from any parts of the world. From the Taj-mahal in Agra, a beautiful bungalow in Rajasthan, the glimpse of Snowy Mountain and wild creatures, beaches and many more. Also, India is famous for railways stations. Each day more than 30 million people travel  Indian railways to reach their destinations. India offers you a lifetime experience with reasonable and attractive India Travel Packages to suit your Budget for India Travel Plan.