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Nepal the world’s most beautiful places on earth endowed with half of the world’s 8848m peaks including Mount Everest, with an area of 1, 47,181 sq. km. It is one of the youngest federal democratic republic countries in South Asia. With roughly around 28 million people, 48 largest country by people and 93 largest countries by area. Nepal is a landlocked country bordered by North in China and South, West and East by India.

Nepal is a diverse country with dense tropical forests, highest Himalayans out of ten, eight world tallest Himalayans including Mt.Everest, frozen valleys, noisy rivers, ice-blue lakes, and tropical lowland. Nepal is a multicultural country with various languages (93) and its cultural (103). Kathmandu is the capital city and largest city of Nepal. The Nepali language is the official language of the country where the currency is acknowledged as Nepali rupees (NPR). The national bird is Danfe (Impean Pheasant) and the National flower is Lali Gurans (Rhododendron Arboretum).

Nepal is known as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, the birthplace of Sita, City of Living Goddess, Himalayan Pilgrimage, Abode of Shiva, Land of non-stop festivals, Food, Land of Mysticism and Exoticism, Richness of Nature, Highest mountain in the world.

Nepal is very popular as one of the best destinations for adventure and cultural tourism. On adventure tourism aspect, trekking, peak climbing, mountaineering, white water rafting, jungle safari, canoeing, bungee jump, ultralight flight, paragliding, mountain biking, and many other adventure sports are highly focused.