In a country full with Travel Agencies and Trekking Agencies, Great Vision Treks stands alone as one of the most reputed and reliable trekking agency In Nepal. We are proud of what we have achieved and we wish to share all the experiences with every travelers visiting Nepal. We have manpower with experiences who can deal with all the things needed during the trek. The goal of great Vision treks is not only provide the services to the travelers but the main important thing is we provide experiences to them. 

Our team has more than a decade experience in the field. Great vision provides Standard, Budget, Deluxe, Luxury trip designed for Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet. We also manage extreme sports like Bungee Jumping, Zip flyer, Canoeing, White Water Rafting in Nepal, Mountain Flight in Nepal, Paragliding, and other related services with travel and tours are also managed at a reasonable and competitive price. Great Vision can nullify the problem that may be resulted due to language because we have experts in the field who can communicate in different languages like English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese etc. Also,  we can custom develop the packages that best suit your needs and requirements. We have Spanish speaking trekking Guide in Nepal too. 

Great Vision Treks focuses on Volun-tourism too. We donate 10% of all the money we receive from the Guests. We believe in sharing as one of the main values of our Trekking company. We will really appreciate if you visit us once when you are in Nepal. We are working very hard to expand ourselves internationally and we hope to be leading Tour operator of Nepal.