Before booking the trip to any travel agencies you have to know about company legal certificates provided by Nepal Government Authorities along with Travel Association Of Nepal. Also, you need to be aware that there are several tourism companies running with several names under expired licenses and you have a right to know if the company is aware of legal formalities that are imposed by the country act.

Booking trip to any unauthorized company it impacts a great risk on your trip during your visit to Nepal. Below are the following questions to confirm and protect yourself from that kind of problems.

- Has the company received the authorization form Government Authorities?

- Has the company cleared all the taxes?

- Does the company have it's owned bank account with a renowned bank?

- Are the Directors of a company are working actively in trekking and travel sectors?

- Does the company follow the guidelines of suitable Eco tourism while operating the tours and treks?

- Is the company insured against accidents happening to their staffs?

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